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Performance Improvement Specialist / Sr Specialist

Jun 01, 2018 بواسط الأدمن

Purpose:To support currently or newly established systems and processes within the business flow. To ensure and focus on promoting the “Process Reengineering and Lean thinking concepts and methods”; which is revolving around streaming and flowing of all processes through the achievement of QCD-P Concept (Quality, Cost, and Delivery through People) from the CUSTOMER prospective. To act as a passionate advocate for a cultural change towards LEAN thinking in all aspects of the business focusing on O&T units

Support the improvement of operational efficiency and minimize error rates. Provide indicative performance measures to help identify deficiencies and improvement opportunities). Building and delivering of AS-IS and Future state Process maps; Updated existing Process maps. Ensure delivering continuous improvement opportunities changes including required operational and system changes Supporting building and deployment of newly established or existing workflows Build and ensure sustaining a follow-up process for all updated/modified processes

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